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In a digital world, user experience is everything! The importance of offering a seamless, pleasant experience to your users is essential in creating loyalty and grow your brand or business. But UX is more than the user interface or the visual design: it is the improvement of the entire experience of target users! A great way to achieve great user experience is by working with a UX agency!

Why care about
UX Design?

Bringing your User Experience to the next level can be fast and efficient if you have the right expertise and experience.
By working with a dedicated UX agency in Montreal such as P2+CO, you gain an external partner you can trust to grow your business!

The reasons to care about UX are simple:

Design Process in a few steps, for every industry

For us, it is important to listen to you. Also, we do not sell a unique solution, but we respond in a unique way for each of our UX design mandates.


This is where we listen, challenge, and start to make our assumptions on the UX design required;


We build and align the
dream design team


Validate assumptions and imagine solutions


Prototype and test while implementing a full plan

For us, it is important to listen to you. Also, we do not sell a unique solution, but we respond in a unique way for each of our UX design mandates.

We are the right UX agency to help with your projects in Montreal!

UX Digital
Agency ?

P2+Co is a Montreal-based UX design agency that brings strategy, business, and development around one and the same table. Our design methodologies allow listening, reflection and a taste for solutions that aim to simplify use and understanding.

Our team of designers ensures maximum quality for your projects while enriching the exchanges within our UX design studio. Our goal? Meet your needs in a personalized way, gain adaptation, efficiency, and think creatively.

WHAT we do

Before actually starting!

  • A series of meetings, activities and exchanges for:
  • understand how the project works and the client’s business objectives
  • get to know the users through interviews and auto-ethnography research to identify the problems to be solved for the users
  • collect data and collect project documentation
  • map the project/client ecosystem
  • heuristic analysis of the interfaces of the current project (container and content)
  • determine the scope of the project and its future evolution
  • define the progress of the project according to your priorities
  • identify the success indicators of UX support on the project

Iterative and cyclical design

Once the analysis and discovery phase has been completed, P2+Co will perform the following main activities. However, depending on the context, we can offer others with the agreement of the client.

Design system

  • Support services in user research and design validation
  • We will not generally wait to have finished the prototype in detail to test a concept.
  • *The client will have to provide us with the contacts of the participants to meet and will be responsible for providing incentives if necessary.
  • To identify issues that need to be addressed.

Production phase and follow-ups

At this phase, production begins as much in the UX as in the programming and integration of the components. All the system design has a counterpart made by the Frontend programmers and the beginning of the production cycles in Agile mode are set up including the UX.

Jeff Bezos invested 100X more in user/customer
experience than in advertising during
Amazon’s first year of creation.





P2+Co: Montreal UX Digital Agency

Our design methodologies allow listening, reflection and a taste for solutions that aim to simplify use and understanding. 


Our team of designers ensures maximum quality for your projects while enriching the exchanges within our UX studio. Our goal? 
Meet your needs in a personalized way, gain adaptation, efficiency, and think creatively to improve your branding.
For us, it is important to listen to you. Our digital design firm does not sell a unique solution, we use our design skills in a unique way for each of our mandates in Montreal.


  • Analysis of existing content / Audit (heuristics and accessibility
  • Design and research workshop
  • User interviews & research
  • Usability testing (User tests to be placed in several places in production)

UX Design

  • Information Architecture
  • Creation of personas
  • User journey
  • Setting up Assets for wireframe
  • Conceptualization / Wireframe
  • Object design in partnership with an industrial designer
  • Prototyping
  • Evaluation and modification (Post test)
  • UX Writing
  • Graphic identity design

Design follow-up

  • QA and comments
  • QA testing
  • Management
  • Product owner
  • Support and correction (Agile)

OUR design professionals will solve your UX challenges!
Improve your customer’s digital experience with your digital products

You want an effective product from the first iteration without having to redo the foundations! Like an architect who builds the solid, simple and efficient foundations of your home, a user experience designer can build your UX on strong foundations that will make your project successful.

That’s great! Our UX agency can start with you right now and bring your project to life using proven steps that will minimize the risk of such an undertaking for your branding! We believe in hands-on projects and will accompany you every step of the way with a reliable design methodology!

Let’s review it together with our methodology and develop a strategy that will bring it to the next level of simplicity and user-friendliness! The road to usability is paved with temptations to complicate the design with extra features and options: resisting « featuritis » is the best prescription for a good user experience. Usability testing experts are the right solution to create a user-centered design! Source: Nielsen Norman group
The best way to do that is to put in place a series of workshops and really see what your group has in mind: 99% of the time, your staff already knows what the best solution is! However, we often rely on external agencies to get information that we already have internally. A structured workshop designed for you and your team is the optimal way to dig out the needed information.

Our UX agency is here to eliminate your software’s learning curve! We will go through discovery steps and create simple digital interface experiences together: make your user’s life easier by removing training needs.

We helped many companies in that way and today they don’t even need us! What a shame! 4 main factors (and 12 subfactors) should be considered to assess an organization’s UX maturity: strategy, culture, process, and outcomes. Source: Nielsen Norman group
This is our designer’s area of expertise! Design needs to be iterating and we love to talk with our clients and be challenged: how else can you create a true user-centered design?
People, we just love them! We need to understand your current and potential users to be efficient in a project and translate their needs and wants to your product! A UX designer is the perfect addition to your product teams to incorporate user input into your design decisions. (Despite many weaknesses, interviews are a valuable method for exploratory user research. Source: Nielsen Norman group)
App Design / Product Design / Mobile App Design / UX Website Design Our User Experience Design Agency’s Expertise

User experience is much more than simple graphic design or visual design, it is the sum of your customer’s experience. Leveraging user experience through each development phase is the best way to reach your target audience and be successful!
Our group of experts help your development team transform high potential ideas into a design solution. Thanks to their multiple talents making each of our user experience designer unique, we can work with you through each phase to reach your business objectives through innovation digital solutions.

Brainstorms & workshops and strategy

  • Design thinking / Framing;
  • Discovery Phase Workshop;
  • Design thinking workshop moderation;
  • Design Services / Ecosystem;

User experience research

  • Interviews;
  • User testing;

UX Design, simplification prototyping

  • Strategy Design VS Strategic Design VS Strategic Content;
  • UX writing content design;
  • User Experience & Customer
  • Experience;
  • User path;
  • UI design;
  • Visual creation;
  • Digital Design / Digital Creation / Design system;

Integration with production team

  • Development follow-up;
  • Agile integration;
  • Project management;
  • Training;
  • UX Coaching;

Who is P2+CO?

Our mission and engagement for Montreal Businesses

Our world and our lifestyles are increasingly digital. More and more connected. All knowledge is just a click away, everything is volatile and mobile. We are a UX agency that puts people, customers and data at the center of successful projects!

Our design company focused on creative UX design by putting positive user experience at the center of projects. Our global design approach focuses on digital, but also on services, facilities, and the living world in general. By putting customers, potential users, designers, experts, employees and yourself around the same table, our UX agency gives you the structure you need to find quick and concrete User Experience solutions.

What our UX designers offer your business in Montreal

Our simplification design approach will allow you to save costs and ensure deliverables on time and on budget. For us, it is important to listen to you: we do not sell a unique solution, but respond in a unique way to each of our mandates.

Each client has a different need, depending on their specific sector and their own methods. The dynamics of our multidisciplinary team aim to align with your context and your projects, whether they are part of:

Mobility, Sustainable development & energy, Industry, Living Culture & Art, Agriculture, Health & Wellbeing, Education

Hiring an outside user experience design agency will improve your results!

Do not hesitate to contact our UX designer agency and ask to see our portfolios! Our design firm has worked with many clients in the past to produce a wide range of design concepts.

Know us, we are your user experience agency in Montreal…and we are first and foremost human.


Myriam has been evolving for more than 10 years in the digital spheres of service design. She holds a master’s degree in interactivity design from the École de Nantes Atlantique, related to the field of digital and service. She places the human being at the center of each UX project, from co-creation to taking needs, to aligning objectives, to user testing through design and customer support.

Above all, Myriam enjoys coordinating multidisciplinary projects and teams and creating bridges between seemingly distant fields (mobility & transport, health, education, culture, museography, etc.). She is surrounded by collaborators that complement her skills to carry out projects to their full potential.

Jean-Francois Poulin (UX Designer)

With 22 years of experience in the world of interactivity, Jean-François is a specialist in user experience (UX)! With many portfolios of accomplishments, the position of UX designer has no more secrets for him.

He is a co-founder of the event, which has been taking place for 7 years with more than 35 events. He is also the UX columnist for the podcast #moncarnet with techno journalist Bruno Guglielminetti (75 interviews) and more!

He has given several conferences, the last of which was in Paris in 2018 on UX in the living world. He has led many projects and developed a specialty in projects with IOT hardware components and in all forms of SAS and other complex systems. He is very involved in the community and has held the position of UX evangelist within the IT department of the City of Montreal for a year.

#UXStratégie, #Nointerface, #Startup #ServiceDesign #mentor

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Learn more about UX and our User Experience agency

User experience design is an activity by teams focused on designing the experience that consumers will have with a certain product such as an app or a website. Generally, UX design includes creating the brand, design, functionality, and functionality. UX design is much more than just Graphic Design. Source: (
If you are looking to hire a user experience agency located in the United States, we can estimate a sum of around $75,000 to produce high-quality results. We’d recommend setting aside a budget at least $75k+ for hiring a U.S. based user experience agency.

For any project or any SAS where you aim to create an online presence, you should dedicate 20 to 30% of your budget to the conception and planning of your work. It will allow you to save on 100% of your cost by better evaluating and testing your entire project before starting programming, but also to keep a clear development line during the entire process. 

We recommend onboarding your product team from the beginning of this process: clear communication and information sharing will make the UX design project seamless through your organization. 

(Research shows that, on average, every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. That’s a ROI of a whopping 9,900%. Source: Forrester)

Yes! While developing a product such as a mobile application, many design decisions have to be made. First of all: What is the purpose of the app? What will users want to do inside the app and what design can help users reach their goals quickly and efficiently? source : Hey, psychology students: consider UX as your future job | by Konstantin Escher | UX Collective (

Absolutely! You would be surprised to see how efficient you can be with the right methodology. Adopting a strategy that forces you to map the complete stories of your user across their usage of your brand and testing it with users during its development allows you to adjust and continually improve. By involving users in your development process, you significantly reduce the risk or errors!

User experience and customer experience are somewhat similar, since UX already encompasses the overall experience of the user even out of the digital experience. The methodology is everything: if you do your research, your prototyping and so on, you will get more accurate results in your projects. 

Still having doubts? Consider this citation from Capgemini: (8 in 10 customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience Source Capgemini)

Jeff Bezos invested 100X more into customer experience than advertising during the first year of Amazon. Source  

The UX design process is not set in stone, and many variations, or “flavours”, of UX design exist, such as Lean UX and Design Thinking.The basic steps don’t change a lot, except for the labels and a few techniques for executing them. 

  1. What’s the Problem — Do your research and plan your approach.
  2. What’s the Solution — Brainstorm and test ideas.
  3. How to make it happen — Refine, user research, and iterate.
  4. How to bring it to life — Provide your design and functional specifications to the developers

The important themes in all the major methods are iteration and user input.  This first phase “What’s the problem?” is usually called something like “discovery.” It’s all about figuring out the goals of the product or web site you are building. 


A: Yes, you can. Here are some statistics that show the importance of user experience: 


Because investing in UX during a project’s concept phase reduces product development cycles by 33 – 50%


Mobile users are 5X more likely to abandon a task if the site isn’t optimized for mobile,  and 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.