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In a digital world, user experience is everything! The importance of offering a seamless, pleasant experience to your users is essential in creating loyalty and grow your brand or business. But UX is more than the user interface or the visual design: it is the improvement of the entire experience of target users! A great way to achieve great user experience is by working with a UX agency!​

Why care about UX Design?

  • UX saves costs
  • UX is human-centric
  • UX is based on science
  • UX is teamwork

P2+Co UX Digital Agency

Bringing your User Experience to the next level can be fast and efficient if you have the right expertise and experience. By working with a dedicated UX agency in Montreal such as P2+CO, you gain an external partner you can trust to grow your business!

The reasons to care about UX are simple:

P2+Co is a Montreal-based UX design agency that brings strategy, business, and development around one and the same table. Our design methodologies allow listening, reflection and a taste for solutions that aim to simplify use and understanding. Our team of designers ensures maximum quality for your projects while enriching the exchanges within our UX design studio. Our goal? Meet your needs in a personalized way, gain adaptation, efficiency, and think creatively.

WHAT we do

Discovery and analysis phase

  • A series of meetings, activities and exchanges for:
  • understand how the project works and the client’s business objectives
  • get to know the users through interviews and auto-ethnography research to identify the problems to be solved for the users
  • collect data and collect project documentation
  • map the project/client ecosystem
  • heuristic analysis of the interfaces of the current project (container and content)
  • determine the scope of the project and its future evolution
  • define the progress of the project according to your priorities
  • identify the success indicators of UX support on the project

Iterative and cyclical design/evaluation phase

Once the analysis and discovery phase has been completed, P2+Co will perform the following main activities. However, depending on the context, we can offer others with the agreement of the client.

Validation through user tests*

Support services in user research and design validation

To identify issues that need to be addressed.

We will not generally wait to have finished the prototype in detail to test a  concept.

*The client will have to provide us with the contacts of the participants to meet and will be responsible for providing incentives if necessary.

Design system

Delivery of the Design System on Figma and its documentation as well as (A COMPLÉTER)

Jeff Bezos invested 100X more in user/customer experience than in advertising during Amazon's first year of creation


Production phase and follow-ups

At this phase, production begins as much in the UX as in the programming and integration of the components. All the system design has a counterpart made by the Frontend programmers and the beginning of the production cycles in Agile mode are set up including the UX.


My god, user experience testing and design costs so much money!

It is true, a user experience design agency is expensive. However, working with an experienced designer should not be seen as an expense, but as an investment in your business’s growth! Even better, it can be done in any industry!

Studies have shown that: 

  • 8 out of 10 companies are willing to pay more for a better user/customer experience. – Capgemini
  • On average, every dollar invested in UX brings back one hundred dollars. This is an extraordinary return on investment of 9,900%.  – Forrester
  • Investing in UX during the design step of a project reduces production development cycles by 33% to 50%. – Interaction Design

Jeff Bezos invested 100X more in user/customer experience than in advertising during Amazon's first year of creation