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Redesign the journey and user interfaces of a vehicle loan platform between neighbors.

Date of conceptualization




The LocoMotion project consists of offering vehicle loan services of all kinds to residents of a neighborhood. Whether it's sharing your bike, your car, or even your trailer, LocoMotion aims to promote connections between members of a community, with the aim of developing other loan possibilities.


Accessibility journey at the UX and UI level

After carrying out a heuristic analysis of the website and flattening all the screens, it emerged from this audit that despite very good illustration work, the platform suffers from a problem of adaptability and guidance. 

“Taking a look at what is proposed, validating what is accessible or not in the existing system, it helps lay the foundations. It also provides tools for communicating with the customer. »

Magalie, UX Designer

Anomalies in colors, lack of overall consistency or even problems with clarity in messages are all blockages that disrupt the UX journey. We therefore prioritized the modifications to be made, then began to review the graphic design and user journey of the site.

Promoting mobility on a human scale

One of the major questions of the platform was to choose whether the search would be done by neighborhood or on the entire island of Montreal. Indeed, if the 2nd option makes it possible to expand the offer, it requires success in reconciling private and civic life. Do we want anyone to see their car and its address on a 3D map? Therefore, the web application requires trust from citizens and a security system from Solon.

“When you put the research, UX, UI solutions end to end and then the puzzle is complete, you see the tangible result of what you have done, it’s very rewarding. »

Fabien, UI Designer

Among other challenges faced by P2CO, we include:

  • Encourage the creation of an account
  • Design the process of putting online and creating an ad
  • Design the loan process
  • User testing

Develop P2’s “mentoring” fiber

“Fabien is made to do training. There is a natural transmission in him. It's truly pleasent! »

Magalie, UX Designer

The versatility required by the mandate allowed our team to continually help each other and improve their skills. As stimulating as it is challenging, the mentoring approach specific to P2CO once again worked very well for this mandate, allowing everyone to learn from each other.

The project team

  • Jean-François : Lead UX
  • Fabien : UI and design system mentoring
  • Magalie : UX Designer 
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