Rethink the fare vending terminals in 3 phases: transform the interfaces, modify the industrial design of the machine, design the sounds of the portals allowing access to the STM, ARTM and REM stations.


Date of conceptualization




A public company, the Société de transports de Montréal meets the mobility needs of the population by offering a collective bus and metro transportation network.


Accessibility journey at the UX and UI level

“My pride on this project is to have decided to only make one interface rather than two. We didn't want to discriminate. We wanted everyone to be able to go to the same place. »

Jean-François, UX lead and mentor

Redesign of the DAT terminal

Visible in metro and REM stations, the automatic ticket dispenser (DAT) is used to buy OPUS tickets or to reload tickets. It was as part of the redesign of this terminal that the STM called on us. Initially, the mandate consisted of transforming the interfaces dating from 1998. It seemed relevant to us to work together with an industrial designer to design the machine and the interface in an ergonomic and aesthetic way. Once this approach was accepted, we also designated the sounds of the gates allowing access to the STM, ARTM and REM stations.

Zoning and the screen

At the DAT screen level, the challenge was to cover the indoor and outdoor environment parameters (sun, darkness, etc.) while allowing navigation through the complex ARTM offer. This includes the new operation by zones and pricing on a grid of 10 large touchscreen areas.

» We gave ourselves accessibility constraints from the start, but this allowed us to be more creative. »

Gabrielle-Jade, UX Designer

L’accessibilité au service de la collectivité

“Sometimes the projects are very targeted whereas here it is for the general public. One day, the population of Montreal and even my friends will use this interface! »

Gabrielle-Jade, UX Designer

Thanks to 2 rounds of testing involving around ten people, here are the different parameters that our team took into account:

  • Language EN/FR
  • Dark Mode
  • Speech rate (especially for blind people)
  • Width and choice of typography to present all relevant information (title name, description, price, zone, activated or not)
  • Pictograms for allophones
  • Machine height (for wheelchair users)
  • Width of touch tiles
  • And little latitude in terms of UX Writing

Ultimately, the Industrial Design part of our mission made it possible to create a living interface with textures and lighting offering all users the possibility of optimizing their interactions with the DAT.

The sound signature of the STM

The audio component of the gates allowing access to the stations also made it possible to improve the understanding of the different possible interactions with the gates:

  • Entering into conflict with a user
  • Going in the opposite direction
  • Fraud, etc.

Launched in 2023, the new terminal currently produced by the firm Conduent should, we hope, make life easier for users!

The project team

  • Gabrielle-Jade : Lead UX
  • Jean-François : Mentor
  • Olivier : Industrial Designer
  • Myriam : Ideator and conductor
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