We Are?

A firm of UX experts

More than an agency, P2CO is above all a collective, a gang of professionals, experts in their fields and who have become friends through human exchanges and missions accomplished together.

Why an expert firm? At the heart of P2CO there is no competition, but rather mutual aid and multidisciplinarity which allow us to think and build stronger projects.

UX design, facilitation, strategy, industrial design, atomic research, UX writing, coaching… P2CO is full of resources!

A human and caring team

Within P2CO, even if everyone is autonomous, cooperation is constant. Since the beginning of the adventure, the junior-senior duos have formed the cohesion of the group and allow everyone to move forward while challenging their acquired knowledge.

“JF & Myriam are always there if I have any questions. But also, they consult us, ask us for our opinion on the projects. It’s really nice to feel supported and taken into account. »


The associates

Myriam Picovschi

⟵ Myriam Picovschi


Partner and general manager, Myriam is the essential breeding ground for P2CO. Her abilities to lead women's circles, to connect people to create synergy, but also her business sense and her work force make her an essential pivot of our expert firm.

  • Conductor of P2CO
  • Socio-ecological awareness
  • UX expert and confidence-building pro

Jean-François Poulin ⟶


Co-founder of P2CO, JF is one of our main UX experts and mentors. A cycling fan and fantasy world designer, he is also known for his talents as a speaker (see his podcasts, events, etc.), as a career booster, but above all as a listener.

  • User experience designer
  • UX evangelist
  • Artist
Jean-François Poulin

Multiple skills

For each project, we look for the right specialist at the right time. The team is working on a discovery and a success. We therefore ensure that the most qualified people are involved depending on the stage of the project, but the referent remains the same for the client.

“All the employees are good. Everyone has their own expertise and it is our combination that sets us apart and ensures that we best meet your needs. UX is not a single thing, it is an umbrella of elements. »

A flexible organization

Within the group

Even if the work is done from home, the team meets in person on a regular basis, whether for happy hours, at cafes, weekly lunches and training workshops.


“There is real listening to everyone’s needs. I can work at my own pace and organize myself the way I want. »

With the clients

“Their expertise in UX science and management allows the team to remain open and adjust a project on the fly if it is in the best interest of the client and users. »

Le mentorat à tous les étages​

Constant learning

P2 regularly develops training and workshops for its team of designers. Among the latest training courses offered are:

  • Training on the Figma tool
  • Accounting help
  • Introduction to atomic research
  • Deepening user research
  • Learn to evaluate a digital service or product
  • Learning storytelling
  • How to speak in public
The junior - senior combination

These duos allow you to increase your skills while being on an equal footing.

“Often I work alone, but with P2CO I can concentrate on my strengths because the juniors are there, learning and bringing freshness! The youngest people leaving schools also bring new knowledge and even methodological approaches. »

Customer support

Stay available

To achieve this, we communicate once or twice a week in order to stay close, offer recommendations and make decisions together. Our clients are very integrated into the process. And the meetings are real work sessions!

Stay humble

From the start, the workshops serve to bring everyone together around the table to move forward in the best possible conditions. We don't have any recipes. We test a concrete solution based on your context and your needs, then we improve it as we go.


Our support includes awareness raising. We explain each step clearly, avoiding technical terms in order to democratize the proper use of design.


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